Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Women trap men,  §

especially when they’re in groups.

It’s what they do.

Sometimes I think I’d like to start a new blog called “Passive Aggressive” in which I finally pretend to “open up” while in fact saying all of the same (generally non-open) things I’ve always said.

I often wonder whether other people dream of the “death bed moment,” that moment at which you can finally say (for a brief flash between life and death) all of the things you’ve always wanted to say to all of the people you’ve always wanted to say them to because all of the consequences (a word really synonymous with “future”) are gone and thus there’s nothing left but pure immediacy, the honesty of the instantaneous.

I imagine it to be a kind of paradise, though regrettably, one that last only for the most brief of moments before grim fate sets in.

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