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After 16 years  §

I’m thinking about leaving Linux, at least for a while. After finding myself fed up with Fedora 12 and the trajectories of change in both KDE and GNOME, I’m on the fence.

I recently started triple-booting Fedora 12, Windows 7, and Mac OS X Leopard. In Leopard, I’ve got the Linux filesystems auto-mounting and I’ve got OpenOffice and Chrome in place. Nice, frankly.

I’ve been a Linux user since pre-1.0 version kernels in 1993. I used TWM, then OpenLook, then FVWM, then AfterStep, then WindowMaker. I started using KDE with version 1.0, loved KDE 3.x and never thought I’d leave, and stuck with it until KDE 4, which was unstable and unusable. Then I switched to GNOME. With Fedora 12, GNOME is taking steps back also.

I am frustrated with the degree to which the Linux user experience is increasingly the Windows user experience. Opacity. Instability. Overcomplexity and undercomplexity in bewildering combinations.

And I am finding OS X very tempting. Especially since I can access all of my Linux filesystems from within it. It is a very nice, very fast, very stable operating system that is very, very thoughtfully designed.

Suddenly, after spending yet another unexpected block of time fighting with the fact that I adjusted my Compiz blur settings and it made Xorg crash and then prevented further logins by immediately crashing after that (requiring that I reboot into a non-X runlevel, log in, wade through .gconf by hand, edit the XML file with vi, all of which took a bit of time to figure out and work through), the “just log in and use it and it doesn’t seem like any settings need to be tweaked” thing in OS X seems really tempting.

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