Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

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I am way behind on grading. This is not going to be pretty.

My wife and I have these refrigerator magnets that are actually little clips, to clip bunches of paper or things to your fridge. At least four to five times a day, I knock one or more of these things (and the paper they’re holding) onto the floor as I walk past.

Mac OS X is not panacea, despite my recent frustration with Linux and Windows. Turns out the keyboard layout and mouse click shortcuts are annoyingly different and much less useful, and there is actually rather a lot of shoddy third-party application work going on there.

Meanwhile, the Xorg radeon driver in Linux gets ever more unstable while the radeonhd driver crashes immediately when any compositing environment is launched.

I don’t take nearly enough photos anymore.

Though photos continue to sell and I find photography endlessly fulfilling.

Today I was mocked by several people trying to dig their cars out of the snow because they thought I was doing it wrong, or slowly, or something. I had the last laugh when I pulled away quickly while their mouths were aghast, despite their having started sooner. When I returned, it turns out they never managed to dig out and just gave up.

I really can’t stand PR people, marketing people, or strategy people.

I am determined to read more academic publications.

So far this determination has led essentially nowhere; there is far too little time and far too much else to do.

The other day at NYU I found a nice free book in the “free books” pile in Steinhardt: a German reader consisting of pop culture and comic book samples.

The strand of colored lights we have hanging along the base of our ceiling doesn’t evenly distribute the colors. The pattern isn’t Red-Blue-Green-Yellow-Red-Blue-etc. but is rather Red-Red-Blue-Green-Yellow-Red-Red-Blue-Green-etc. In other words, a red bias.

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