Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Gonzo reflectiva latina Sunday crikey  §

Solitude is marked by the incredible reliability of the progression of time.

Those that raise their hands in the air are always exceptional; exceptionality should not, however, be mistaken for visibility. The two are quite distinct.

Desperation is primarily a low-energy phenomenon, despite conventional wisdom. It is in the dark, this or that nadir, that desperation emerges—when the field of photons is on the wane, when the torrent of resources has ceased to flow.

Arms are perhaps the most disembodied (despite their embodiment) of human features. They’re quite grotesque, flailing about and flexing, pulsing in that very meaty, fleshy way that they have.

All directionality depends on the horizon, whose dromologic characteristics have rendered it moot. What comes next is the gaze, absolute in its relativism, relative in its absolutism, and imbued with the power of rage.

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