Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Okay, so far, so good!  §

So clearly I’m not the only person who’s experienced the desire (need?) to link together a bunch of disparate strands of life. After all, some of us have been hosting our own little narcissistic corners of the web since the ’90s or before and are loathe to let them (or our own maintenance of the data in them—our lives, after all) entirely go.

At the same time, Facebook and Twitter and the socialmajigamaweb are new and shiny and sexy and really rox the rox, so it’s necessary to use them, naturally. But then you’ve got two or four or six or eight different sites and you’re supposed to post to them all, stay active everywhere?

Not likely.

So here’s what I’ve got so far:

Web -> Drupal (PC posting route)

BlogPress -> Drupal (iPhone posting route)

Drupal -> Twitter (when posting via web using PC)

BlogPress -> Twitter (duplicating Drupal posts, when posting via iPhone)

Facebook <- Drupal RSS (pulling via wall monitoring into notes, i.e. here) I guess it's hella normal to have Facebook pull a bunch of other stuff, too (in my case, Delicious, Yelp, Picasa). Are there other exciting pulls and/or integrations I ought to be making here? Or is that social enough? Am I fscking social enough or what? Already...?

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