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I love free software, and I love OpenOffice. But  §

social reality is a powerful thing.

It may be time for me to divorce myself from OpenOffice’s native format (*sob*) and use MS Office instead. The thing is, I have access to tons of computing resources in the world, many of them cloud resources.

I can keep the files I’m working on online using Dropbox and then access and edit them wherever… in theory.

For example, right now I’m sitting in my office/cubicle in the department holding “office hours.” (You know, it’s that thing that no college kids ever come for, where they theoretically chat at length with the instructor they don’t really want to see outside of class anyway.)

And I have a PC at this desk (actually a Mac). There are also PCs for use in the labs in my classroom buildings, in libraries, and even on my stinking iPhone, which I can use anywhere to edit documents that are current.

Except one thing…

They don’t do .ODT format. Of course. Naturally. They speak .DOC, maybe .DOCX and .RTF as well. Microsoft Office formats. And of course while OpenOffice is fully capable of saving in .DOC format and I know intellectually that when I save to my Dropbox folder, I ought to be saving in .DOC format, I always forget to do so.

More to the point, even when I do so, file imports/exports between disparate products never work quite as well as one needs them to. This is especially true when there are multiple platforms involved (Linux, Windows XP, Mac OS, iPhone).

So, I suspect it’s time for me to grit my teeth and start using MS Word for things. I don’t really savor the idea, but here I sit in my cubicle posting on my blog instead of working on my Ph.D. actively.

Why? Because the relevant file(s) in my Dropbox account were saved this morning in .ODT format. (Oops.)

So we’ll see.

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