Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Things  §

  1. The Who as the Super Bowl halftime show was the best entertainment decision of the decade. So suck on that, Who haters.
  2. Pier One has cheesy $10 somemetalorother lanterns with glass sides, and $8 lemongrass candles. I highly recommend the combination and I'm not newage stupid at all.
  3. Yes, new age nonsense is, generally speaking, stupid.
  4. The MTA is always doing construction but I don't think I've ever seen an improvement, or even anything that resembles keeping up with the decay. Bigger and better are needed.
  5. Two years ago I bought an Oregon Scientific (Portland Scientific?) digital clock that looks great and was also supposed to tell the weather. Problem: the weather function requires a remote that isn't anything near weather safe, but it needs to be outside in order to tell the weather.
  6. The most important button on my Acer flatscreen display started out broken, but I kept it anyway because it was the only one in town and I needed a flatscreen right then.
  7. Sometimes you are better off doing what everyone thinks you oughtn't be doing.
  8. Two days ago a squirrel almost killed me by dropping a large, dry, heavy object about an inch in front of my face as I was walking (I had to look up to realize it was a squirrel).
  9. The romance with New York may be over. The romance with life has been over for at least two decades.
  10. Steel Reserve remains one of the all time great worst brews of all time.
  11. BONUS: I'd kill right now to be watching South Pacific on DVD anywhere but here. No, I'm not flaming. I'm not even gay.

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