Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Von Neumann  §

The Von Neumann architecture is the founding conceptual document of today's world. All consequences proceed from it and its proof (and embodiment) of the fact that representation and operation, action and information, thought and matter are all one and the same quantity.

It is the single most important model for social scientists of the present to deploy, but unfortunately, it is also largely incomprehensible to those outside of computer science largely due to its newness and complexity—as incomprehensible as the concept textuality would have been for preliterate humans. No matter how much time one spends trying to explain it, eyes necessarily glaze over. To give a complete account at this point requires the diagrammatic articulation of an entire universe of schema that are (in ways that would shock computer scientists) fundamentally metaphysical in nature and voluminous in quantity.

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