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Drupal + Evernote  §

Okay, so it’s looking like I finally got the Drupal<->Evernote integration working out okay, thanks to the Evernote module but also thanks to my stumbling across a ZIP file on the Evernote module’s author’s blog containing the necessary library elements to be installed to the Drupal tree on the host.

There’s a bunch of stuff I could play with in relation to this dyad—formatting of various kinds from bullet lists to colors, for example, to see if we could make it all work (it’s not clear to me just what the limits, imposed or inherent, of either are at this point), but I think for now I have better things to worry about.

The goal was to get Evernote chucking out blog entries as I switch away from Drupal and toward Evernote as my data storage system for all things in life, professional and personal. Making it pretty will come later.

For now, however, it’s off to Costco and then back home to grade and post for the rest of the day. Fulfilling my teacher obligations right now is pretty much taking all of the (tiny amount of) time left over after parent obligations.

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