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Drupal, Evernote, and Blogs; Learning and Working  §

No, the evernote module isn't quite working. Or rather, it's pulling some things and not others, and the things that are being pulled are being made accessible to authenticated users but not to non-authenticated users, despite permissions settings. I don't know.

I'm starting not to care.

It feels as though the blogging thing is over. I used to do it because I liked having a web diary. I read the thing myself, referred to it the way any person refers to their journal of activity. But in recent years I've written in it less and less, and meanwhile now this kind of online personal textuality has become a definite signifier in its own right, one that's beginning to haunt me.

We'll see.

All throughout my childhood, at every educational level and in every setting for socialization, I was told that knowledge is the key to success, the key to achievement, the key to the fulfillment of life goals and personal desires.

Whatever it is you're after, the answer is to learn. In learning you will arrive at where you want to be, and so long as you feel you aren't there yet, it is because you haven't yet learned enough. There is more knowledge to be had, clearly. Study harder. Study hardest. Enroll. Read. Read again. Read another.

And so I do. Today I read. I buy more and more books and read through them. I read online. I read constantly, about a whole host of topics.

Troubling thing is, I find myself reading more and more books about productivity, about "how to get things done," and it begins to dawn on me that there is an unresolvable paradox here. One cannot get things done by reading about them; when one's deepest desire is to get things done, the key is no longer knowledge.

The key is action. One actually needs to put down the damnable book and do something other than reading. This is proving to be an incredibly difficult concept to pound into my unconscious mind, which continually seeks out new tools, new methods, new experts, new chapter and verse on how to act, how to make things happen, how to get things done, how to stop being so bogged down in knowing and start doing.

And on and on I keep reading.


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