Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Well over a year after closing  §

the old blog and opening this new one, I’ve finally fixed some basic links like the links in the tag cloud to the right and the posting mechanics from my mobile devices. In the meantime, the blog was connected to Twitter, then to Facebook, then disconnected again, and a massive internal database infrastructure of books, research projects and notes, papers, reference materials, project management tasks, drafts, publishers, and so on was built, enthusiastically adopted, and then abandoned in favor of Evernote, from which I am now posting this.

In short, it has taken a year and a half and about 98 percent overhead to get to the point that this blog basically works after the departure from Leapdragon.net, and most of the massive amount of work that was done is now purely vestigial and completely invisible to anyone but myself.

That’s emblematic of life right now, somehow.

There is not a single facet of my life in which I am caught up or mastering tasks well. I am completely, radically, ruthlessly behind schedule and failing to fulfill my obligations at the level at which I’d like to do so, and the situation seems to be getting worse rather than better. I don’t quite know what to do. The term for this state of affairs is "overloaded" and the trouble is that all of it absolutely must be done.

I suppose this is simply what happens when one becomes a parent.

In just under two weeks, the semester is over.

In just under two weeks, Ania goes back to work and I will be the sole daytime care provider for our kiddo.

This is a bit of a terrifying prospect, to add to everything else. I’m already not up to all of these other tasks, apparently. I’m just hanging on by my teeth. How will I cope with adding this new and massive one?

I’m meant to be compiling data tonight for a research project I’m involved with, but due to some measure of miscommunication and mismatched assumptions, I’m not continuing until I hear back from the principal investigator.

Once again, the notion of data coding seems to me to be a methodological minefield.

That was, of course, apropos of nothing in particular.

I think it’s time to walk the dog and go to bed. The grading of the remaining 150+ papers, the collection of a dozen or more hours word of coding data about video, the writing of articles, the writing of dissertation components, the learning of languages, the reading of relevant and forthcoming literature(s), and certainly anything that is actually related to myself or my interests in an unalienated way…

…these will all have to wait another day, it seems.

Tricky thing is, they can’t wait too many more days—any of them.

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