Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Things are looking good…  §

Following last night’s discussion and the last several days of impulsive posting, I decided that the time was ripe to really make something of a push to turn this previously “temporary” or “test” WordPress installation in my hosting account into the real deal. The fact that I have wanted to post here for several days is not to be ignored.

It was time to strike, as they say, while the iron was hot.

So, I’ve spent a good part of the evening playing with WordPress and the Neutica theme, which I have now bastardized a little bit. I didn’t do much with the php yet, though there are a few things that I want to tweak, but I deleted (as in, wholesale deleted and/or blanked out) a good half of the stylesheet information across several different files and started from scratch to generate my own appearance but using Neutica’s block layout.

I like it. Looking at this page, it’s the first time in a very long time that I’ve felt as though I was at least a little bit “at home” posting on my own blog, something that’s tremendously important if the words are to flow well. Of course there’s still a great deal to be done if this is to ultimately be made presentable, but this represents a start, and I suspect I’ll actually use it.

— § —

At the same time, it really needs to be said just how much I miss Greymatter. I know that Greymatter is imagined to be far and away the most primitive blogging system out there, but

  1. That’s absolutely not true; the directory full of bash scripts to generate static pages and automatically post them to FTP in the first several incarnations of Leapdragon was far more primitive than Greymatter ever even dreamed of being.
  2. There were a number of advantages to this primitive structure, not the least of which was a much shallower learning curve and a much easier path to custom styling.
  3. Greymatter’s backend appearance was somehow much more conducive to writing—darker, more calm colors, less clutter and functionality, and somehow an overall much more even, flowing sensibility.
  4. The primitive structure and storage in plain text files made it a breeze to back up, recover from errors, export and/or migrate posts, and so on.

Nevermind, though. The days of Greymatter are past as there remain almost no hosts anywhere that are willing to allow (much less support) the running of complex platforms built entirely using Perl.

These days its down to mainstream CMS systems. Drupal is by far the most powerful and flexible I’ve encountered, but it may simply require too much work and be too heavyweight for commonplace applications like a commonplace blog. That’s where WordPress comes in, and as I get more familiar with it, it’s starting to shine quite nicely in its own way.

I’m pleased with how things are working out here. Very pleased, indeed.

More to come.

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