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Monthly Archives: December 2011

How Do You Know  §

© 2011 Aron Hsiao

Q: How do you know when an “educational” system isn’t about education any longer?

A: It won’t pay the best teachers a living wage and does its best to push them out while administrators and the worst teachers are encouraged to stay and make bundles and bundles of money.

— § —

Q: How do you know that you’re subject to gender oppression?

A: You know very well that you can’t be and can never be what you want to be because of your gender, and that the system will never, ever help you or support you in becoming it, even if it continually feels within your grasp.

— § —

Q: How do you know that you’re part of an oppressed religious minority in America?

A: You know it when you’re a non-Mormon living in Utah.

— § —

Q: How do you know you’re a part of the shat-upon generation?

A: You know because you’re better educated than any other generation in history, in your late ’20s or ’30s, but struggle to pay bills, struggle to find work, don’t have stable living arrangements, know you won’t see any social safety net benefits in your lifetime, and are expected to bleed to enrich the top 1 percent of society at least four times per day.

— § —

Q: How do you know when you are bitter?

A: You don’t replace your bottles or boxes just to spite them.