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Sleeping  §

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Discharging the UVU semester, a benchmark I’d been trying to hit on a book, and the dissertation proposal and defense seem to have led to something of a letdown.

I’ve spent hours in uncontrollable napping over the last few days, like a narcoleptic. I’ll be sitting in the office chair working and suddenly wake with a start when whatever I was holding drops to the ground with a clatter (or when my head drops to the desk with a thud). The other day I took three naps of about an hour each in the space of about 5 hours. Today I’ve taken a two-and-a-half hour nap after a night in which I got more sleep than I’ve had in months (six and a half hours).

All of this has had the effect of knocking me well out of the regular orbit of my routine.

— § —

The replacement for the Time Machine backup (via ChronoSync) is still running more than 48 hours later.

— § —

We’re going to plant today. Squash and pumpkins, mostly, but also cherry tomatoes, peas, peppers, and cucumbers.

This will be the first true “gardening” I’ve done in 25 years.

— § —

We are in a state of “baby liminality” waiting for this one to arrive. Induction now seems a likely prospect. We know for sure, one way or another, that the coming week is the week, and in a strange way it begins to leave you more off-balance to know more and more precisely when it will occur.

— § —

Yesterday we picnicked with the grandparents for the first time since our arrival last September.

We were outdoors for hours on a giant green, and during those hours, she ran and and ran and ran with her Grandfather, distant and near, carrying a green ball the size of a watermelon. We sat and watched them run together across the little savannah as though we were on safari, caught in a transcendent moment seeing something of the deeper truth of nature. All were transfixed.

— § —

This summer must be the summer of the dissertation and of the photograph and of the business deal.

There is a plaque on my wall, prepared by me, that says that 2012 is the year in which I must fully execute. It is the year when both the opportunity and the converse risk related to inaction are greatest.

I need to make it happen.

— § —

2012 is also the year in which I’ll do my first NaNoWriMo, though I have no idea when I’ll find the time.

Still, in life, if you go looking for the time to do things that really matter to you, you generally look until the day that you die, at which time you suddenly recognize that you’d found the time on every single day that had passed in your life, without ever realizing or recognizing the discovery.

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