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© 2005 Aron Hsiao

Ninety-five percent of what keeps us from fulfilling our potential as a species is each other. We are a crippled, tragically flawed species.

It is only our biological capacity for culture that gives us a glimpse of what we could be in the first place, that makes it possible for us to accomplish anything at all.

But the very same biological natures that give rise to it ensure that we will use it to continuously and unwittingly sabotage one another and to continuously and unwittingly be sabotaged.

Even at those rare moments when you realize what could be, you’re powerless to do anything about it. For the only cure is that which wouldld make the cure pointless in the first place: to forcefully separate humans from one another as a matter of course; to live as atoms.

Human existence is a tragic satire of human existence.

— § —

Anyone that has never trusted their own sanity cannot be trusted with anything of significance.

— § —

Living in New York is, in fact, exactly like living on Sesame Street.

— § —

Living in Provo is like living in hell, in a land of lost souls and endless, purposeless suffering, so useless as to be unvalorizable on its own terms.

— § —

There is nothing worse than pointless suffering so tepid as to be undeserving of the term. That is where the catastrophic end of humanity lies.

— § —

When I arrived at the University of Chicago, I was told in no uncertain terms by more than one senior person that it was the most intellectually exciting environment on the planet.

I am here to tell you, Chicago: bullshit.

The New School is twice as intellectually exciting as your boring, overpolitical, stodgy quad. Maybe there was a time when you were interesting. Now, like Harvard and Yale, you’re all hat (and endowment).

– § —

Someday, when global warming is on the verge of taking us all and the human suffering has risen to historical levels, my own strife will be ameliorated at least a little bit by the immense schadenfreude that I feel about so many that were deniers.

Justified schadenfreude is one of the greatest joys of life, and no, I don’t feel small saying that. The lack of awareness demonstrated by some cultures in this regard (e.g. Buddhist culture, Christian culture) is shocking and ironic.

— § —

Suffering is the meaning of life.

Joy is the medium in which it is rendered.

— § —

The world is far too big for anyone, no matter how well-traveled, to be able to grasp it. Personal experience dissolves quickly, going from insight to ignorance in the blink of an eye, without this change ever becoming evident to anyone.

Always doubt anyone that claims to know anything, especially about things that are not directly in front of their eyes at this moment, or buried deeply in their forehead.

— § —

To love the human race is to hate it, and vice-versa.

Anyone that claims a love for the human race without a matching hate for the human race doesn’t know or understand a single God damned thing about the human race.

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