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Thoughts and Instructions  §

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Somehow, very sharp-tongued people often seem very proud of this fact, as though it’s some sort of achievement. Rarely do they seem mortified and embarrassed, often preferring to leave the victims of their tongues to feel these things on their behalves.

— § —

Patience is a virtue.

Self-control is a virtue.

Kindness is a virtue.

Forgiveness is a virtue.

Generosity is a virtue.

Love is a virtue.

Intimacy is a virtue.

Detachment is a virtue.

Pursuing virtues is a virtue.

— § —

Many understand that action is a form of communication. Even amongst specialists, most can’t conceive of what it means that communication is a form of action.

— § —

Very few people are legitimately capable of anything resembling cultural relativism or a multicultural sensibility. Humans just aren’t created that way.

Lots of people think they exemplify this sensibility. Others are happy to grant this to them, having no better equipment with which to make the judgment.

— § —

Some rules and axioms to live by:

Make it happen and you will destroy it in the end.
Let it happen and it will serve you forever.

Ask clearly for what you want or be satisfied with whatever you get.

Don’t doubt people so that they won’t doubt you. Support people so that they will support you.

Act before it’s too late, even if it’s hard. Stop before it’s too late, even if it’s hard.

Tell the world how you feel but don’t blame the world for your feelings.

Measure yourself by your generosity to others. Come to understand what it means that generosity is neither about giving nor about things.

Try new things without forgetting the values of old ones.

Don’t refuse to wait for anything so that you don’t find yourself forced to wait for everything.

Appreciate what you have so that you don’t you don’t have less.

Have regrets but don’t let these regrets dominate life. Beware of anyone that has no regrets or anyone that is ruled by regrets, both of which amount to the same thing.

Make life and death your friends and companions—your life and your death, not those of others.

Read Lao Tzu.

Drink some.