Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Dark URLs. Naps. What next?  §

Getting close to having this production-ready and to taking it live. For the moment, I am the only person in the world that knows to go to this URL at this domain.*

How many other “dark URLs” are out there in netland?
If a URL exists in the network but nobody knows to visit it, is it actually live?

* Well, myself and a couple of plugin providers.

— § —

Bought the diapers. The brand is “Huggies Slip-Ons” and everywhere on the box they are marked this way. But on this promotional box, which includes ten free diapers, there is a big yellow bubble labeled “10 Free Diaper-Pants!”

What is a “diaper-pant” and which person in marketing decided not to use the more obvious “10 Free Slip-Ons!” phrase?

— § —


Thing is, I’m getting old. I can tell because things ache, and often I’m uncomfortable in my own body, without the discomfort being located anywhere in particular.

Bodily awareness is supposed to be a virtue, but I often feel like it’s just another annoyance that can’t be escaped as aging happens.

— § —

Taking a day today. It’s a holiday, after all. Problem is, I didn’t notify anyone in advance, and it isn’t a holiday everywhere (including some of the places where my work ends up taking place).

I’m a contractor on a self-set flex schedule in all of my gigs, so why do I feel both nervous and guilty about taking a day on a national U.S. holiday?

That’s the problem with work life in the present; one feels guilty when one is not working, full stop. Thanks to a changing global culture and changing technology, it doesn’t matter what time of day or what day of the week it is, nor does it matter where a person happens to be.

Regardless of context, nowadays it’s always true that you could, in fact, be working.

Add this to the sense, when working, that you could be spending time with your family or friends, or even on personal development, and the foundation is laid for a life of perpetual regret and distraction.

— § —

Coke Zero: Great in small doses, blah in large doeses.

Compare to: Mountain Dew.

Polish Wives, of course, frown on either. I probably ought to as well, but I’m an American. Soda has been a regular thing since before I can remember (literally).

— § —

Maybe, on this holiday, it’s nap time for dad as well.

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