Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

The inevitable shrinkage of time  §

So, following my posts of this morning, the predictable thing has happened—good intentions on the front end have turned into a race to finish at least 15 percent of what I’d planed for the day at the tail end.

Dissertation work? Planned for this afternoon, now pushed off until tomorrow—as always.

Actual other work done? Not nearly as much as I thought I’d get done this morning.

New tasks added for tomorrow? Yes, manifold. Including some out-of-house and meta/logistics stuff.

In short, it’s as though I’d never read any of those books at all, didn’t have a plethora of tools to fall back on, and so on.

— § —

Somepin’s gotta give. But the question is—what?

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