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The strange and the idiotic  §

Have just seen Arrested Development for the first time and watched about four or five episodes.

What’s most striking about the show is the way in which it absolutely nails the “Los Angeles thing,” that weird, petulant insanity that seems to have infected so much of the population in the region.

During my entire time living in and spending time in the area, I don’t think I knew more than one or two people that I’d consider fundamentally “normal” or “sane.” Though I have some dear friends in and from the area, I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone from the greater Los Angeles metropolitan region, “sane” or not, that didn’t have a deep hole somewhere in their being or that weren’t in some way negatively shaped by the place.

It’s a strange and peculiar poison, southern California, one that I look back at with a combination of fear and perplexity.

— § —

Separate note: Somehow people imagine that writers don’t actually do work—that “writing” is some sort of inborn capability or facility in the same way that flight is for seagulls, and is thus in some sense effortless.

“It shouldn’t take you too long to write that. I mean, you’re a writer, right? And everything that I’ve seen that you wrote has been fantastic, so this should be easy, not much time at all.”

Um, it was fantastic becuase so much time was invested in it. Writing isn’t like breathing just becuase I happen to do it for a living. It’s labor. Otherwise, you’d see a lot more millionaire writers.

If I really could chuck out a publication-ready article every five minutes, why exactly wouldn’t I do so? I could get paid for writing 96 articles in a workday, or a novel every week. Who in their right mind would stop after the first five or ten minutes and say “My work for the day is done, I guess” when they could earn two orders of magnitude more simply by working through the day like everyone else?

Okay, dead horse beaten. It just gets me sometimes.

— § —

I really, really want to go wireless with my input peripherals so that when I’m not computing, I can move them off of my desk easily and entirely and use the space for other kinds of work.

I’ve considered Apple’s Magic Trackpad but I’m not sure I can get used to that, or even if I do that its performance and usability ceiling is such that it won’t be a compromise for me.

Problem is, I hate mice. That leaves me with the Logitech M570 trackball by default. Only my experiences with recent vintage Logitech devices have given me reason to believe that quality is not what it was in the ’90s, and the reviews on this device with respect to quality and longevity are particularly troubling and describe some of the same issues I’ve seen on other Logitech devices, only worse, and more quickly following purchase.

— § —

Love technology, hate technology.

As always.

— § —

Gotta get me some discipline.
There is no other way at the end of the day.

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