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Busy days, good people  §

Some days are busier than others. Today was very busy. Crazy busy. And now it is very late. Crazy late, at least for a parent of two. And I’m the one that’s “going to bed early.”

My wife is still up and watching “Arrested Development” on Netflix-via-Roku.

— § —

There are a great number of texts, sayings, and reflections on virtue in the human canon—on being “a good person” and living “a good and happy life.”

Zen and Taoist texts and wisdom are perhaps the most direct in relation to such pursuits, suggesting that, in fact, they are essentially a matter of “letting go.”

Sounds great, but in practice it is very difficult to avoid pursuing the immediate and impassioned interests and entitlements of the self, to which any parent can attest.

— § —

In Provo, Heineken is the absolute apex of beer culture.

— § —

A large capacity Swingline stapler makes a fine bottle opener.

— § —

When you love what you’re doing, it’s easy to work too much.

When you’re bored or bothered by what you’re doing, it’s difficult to work enough.

— § —

Car needs an oil change, badly.
It will have to wait another week.

— § —

The ascent is always both too slow and too fast, too difficult and too easy, interminable and short-lived, isolating and too public.

— § —

With every passing day, I’m more and more a writer. I don’t mean this to be an evaluation of my skill, but rather a reflection on the source of my paychecks.

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