Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

You want to know?  §

How genuine do I feel?

How real do I feel?

How possible is it for me to do what is right?

The answer for all of these questions is the same, and it is suicide.

— § —

Our society is broken. Absolutely, insanely, fucktacularly broken. I am a sociologist. I am about to complete my Ph.D. and defend my dissertation. I have read more about society than 99.95 percent of the population. I have seen the numbers. I have combed through the census. I have faced off against the tables of the GSS.

It’s all bullshit. This is a cultural question. A capital question. A Marxian question.

— § —

Why can’t we fix the climate? Feed the poor? Clean up our disasters?

Because we are who we are. We ought to all descend into the ocean and disappear beneath the waves.

There is no way to solve this. There is, quite simply, no way.

Why can’t we?

For the same reason that I can’t say what I think.

For the same reason that I can’t raise my children.

Because all humans need, frankly, to be shot.

— § —

All I want, all I want more than anything in the world, is the opportunity to tell the truth once—ONCE—before I die—without having the act kill people, mail people, destroy lives, or lead to conflagration.

We have made our society into the society of the lie.

If there is one thing you MUST NOT EVER DO NO MATTER FUCKING WHAT, it is say what you actually think.

Do what you actually can.

— § —

This is why Defarge.org was once a good idea.

This is why we must all KNIT and be KNITTING, and when the time comes…

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