Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Strange Stuff  §

The date in all of my posts in Chrome is wrong until I edit it. In Safari, all works well.


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Asimov said that creativity couldn’t happen if one had contact with other people or responsibilities.

Totally agree. Responsibilities are the great creativity-killer; they make you conservative, and creativity is precisely the opposite of conservative.

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Is there an exit to the past here somewhere?

Doubt it.

— § —

Trying to figure out how to streamline posting. That’s another thing that’s changed here; back in the day, I did it from the Unix command line through a bunch of scripts, and I was always sitting at the command line. It was my life. Now?


Sad story for someone that was once a crack programmer and that edited a bunch of books on same, including at least two that involved shell scripting. Also wrote a bunch of chapters on the topic in my own books, now entirely obsolete.

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Mixed Leinenkugel’s Cranberry Ginger Shandy and some Wild Turkey. It’s a great mix. Great. Absolutely great.

— § —

I am sick to death over a bunch of things, but especially over the pedestrian nature of everything I do. It’s all grunt work, top to bottom, industry to industry.

I’m sitting here with an Alphasmart Neo and an Alphasmart Dana and wanting to find ways to integrate them once again into a low-friction blogging flow. Especially the Dana, which has wireless. I’ve downloaded the source code to an old Palm OS blogging app. Can I hack it up to make it compatible and to use the full display? Do I care enough to? Do I have the time to? Probably not.

But I might do it nonetheless.

— § —

A red envelope, a white envelope, two screens.
A shot glass, an empty bottle, another empty bottle.
A wireless trackball. A wireless trackpad. A wireless keyboard.

File under: permanent desk views.

Not really a desk, sadly. More an alcove.

I know I ought to be grateful for my office (“There are children in China that don’t have an office!”) but in fact I’m not a fan of this office. It’s yellow and overbright and overbusy and doesn’t play to, or inspire, my strengths.

— § —

Chess computers.
When’s the last time I played a complete game?
Last year at this time, vintage chess computers were everywhere for cheap, and I had a intuition.
And I bought two.
One has since given up the ghost, the other has been sent elsewhere with my regards.

Point being: This year, they’re exceedingly rare, and what I paid $20+shipping for last year (with more inventory available) is this year going for $150 at minimum.

Not that I can play chess skillfully.
Or even passably.

— § —

Where have all the flowers gone?

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