Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Testing, testing.  §

So I’m testing out the theme that I *may* adopt.

Things are moving along.

The goal was to have something up and running today.

— § —

Funny how life is “staged” in that way.

These are things that—years ago—I would spend weeks on. Every little detail had to be *just right* because it *mattered*. Now? Now not so much. Now there’s a lot of “good enough” going on. Rapid and reasonably-good is the watchword.

Things come up in life and change your priorities in unexpected ways.

I seem to be swimming against the current with my own priorities; a decade and a half ago, all I cared about was “making myself a brand.”

Now, I’ve had big audiences and lost them, published many books and seen them go out of print, earned a Ph.D. and (it would increasingly seem) forgotten about it.

Just as everyone else begins to talk about the importance of the “self as brand,” I’m transitioning farther and farther away from it.

— § —

I can’t be bothered.

My kids are growing up with every passing hour.

My job is an endless litany of needs and others’ dependence on the things that I get done.

My career—the parts that I care about—are less about exposure than they are about building things.

The more time I spend “branding myself” and getting that brand to be absolutely perfect, the less time I spend on things that I actually care about.

The potential for income? Advancement? Somehow it just doesn’t matter any longer.

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