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The role of the diary?  §

So I’ve created this notebook in anticipation of keeping a diary here, since I’ve more or less made the decision to centralize on Ever note this year as my everything dump.

But it does raise a question that thus far I’ve never been able to answer: what goes into my blog and what goes into my diary, and what’s the dividing line between the two?

I suppose this raises the larger question of what each of these things is actually for. After all, the original purpose of my blog (and, in fact, its original name) was to be my diary.

But these days that would seem untenable.

Why do I keep each of them? What are their purposes?


Because the online world is much more pervasive and public than it used to be, meaning that I can’t be entirely honest there about my thoughts. And yet I want to have a place in which I record my actual thoughts, in all their ugliness and chaos, for my children to have access to someday, perhaps when I’m no longer here.


Because having a public presence or voice of some kind is almost mandatory these days, particularly for anyone in the white collar class that wants to have a successful career or have opportunities to do real things and make a real difference. Because for some thingsz, I really do want the possibility of an audience, the ability to feel as though I’ve said something to the world, even if I’m not sure that  anyone in the world is actually listening or has heard what I’ve said. Becausenmynego wants a place to “show off,” even if I’m not doing much of that, or at least not doing it very successfully, these days.

So where does that leave me?

Hard to say, but it’s clearly something that I need to continue to think about.

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