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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Plan B  §

As I get older, I sometimes think it’s important not to have a ‘Plan B’ in life, or at least not a very good one. Because if you have a Plan B, it’s usually easier to achieve than Plan A—and rather than do the hard work necessary to stick to Plan A, you’ll be continuously tempted to simply fall back to Plan B. Of course, without a Plan B, there’s a higher risk of general failure. But even that can be good: Plan A success: Goal achieved! Utter satisfaction! Plan A failed: Tried hardest. Lived with integrity. Relieved, learned a lot about self and goals, and able to move on. Plan B success: Got what I didn’t want. Fell short of my own aspirations, maybe even gave up on them (and, by extension, myself). Trapped in mediocrity and can’t escape…