Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Still up.  §

What am I still doing up?

I crawled back out of bed. I crawled back out of bed to do something that needed to be done.

All of the old sites, going back to 1999, are now online.

Those are the sites you see in the upper-right corner of this page, FYI. Every single link now works. About half of them had fallen into operational disrepair and no longer loaded properly (.htaccess issues, PHP issues, Drupal issues, whatever).

So it’s all there now. All back. Embarrassing, but historical.

The continuity of the blog has been resurrected!

The only thing missing are the old “Aron and Jennie Pages” entries, which date back to, like, 1996. I’m sure I don’t have backups, and the web host we’d used then wasn’t a host at all, but rather our online space at an old dial-up ISP that is long, long gone. Like, 16 years gone. I fear those are gone forever.

But whatever. If I can unify all of this, I’ll have a blog with a cohesive timeline going back 17 years. That’d be, like, cool.

— § —

Now, to:

a) Back all of these up somewhere (not sure the last time I did it, and some haven’t been)
b) Integrate with all of my offline notes and writing, with chronological accuracy
c) Put it all online somewhere new as a single, continuously running supertext

The second item in particular will require that I pull together data from raw multiple sets/installations of: HTML files, Greymatter, Drupal, WordPress, Phatware Notes, Newton Notes, Palm Notes, DevonThink, Evernote, MomoNote, Livescribe notebooks, and god knows what else. It is fairly insurmountable. Sort of a life’s work. Literally, I suppose.

But the whole a/b/c thing will have to wait until, maybe, tomorrow anyway…

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