Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Now we’re getting somewhere.  §

What’s cooler than cool?

The fact that all public posts from December 2004 through present are now online in this incarnation of the blog. In one database. In one place.

That’s about 1,948 posts right now.

Chalk one up for data longevity.

— § —

The posts from 1999-2004 are in raw HTML files. They will be harder to migrate, but that’s next. There will be a lot of parsing, fidgeting, and cleaning ahead.

But we’ll get ‘er done.

— § —

There has been a certain amount of data manipulation done already to get posts from multiple blogs, with multiple stylings, and multiple CMS systems (Graymatter, Drupal, then WordPress) all together into one WordPress database. There has also been a certain amount of by-hand TLC.

But we should be in pretty good shape.

— § —

Once I get the archives back to 1999 online as posts in this database, I’ll begin working on some other stuff that needs to be done:

– Either AJAX scrolling for monthly archives or just showing each month at once when selected
– While still limiting the number of posts on the landing page
– Actually building a landing page
– One that looks the same but that gives me some spaces to build out persona stuff
– Shifting the whole mess back over to the leapdragon.net domain where it f**king belongs
– and so on.

But, as I said, we’ll get ‘er done.

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