Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Phase one is done. Let the hijinks begin.  §

1) Two thousand seven hundred and forty-six.
2) Seventeen.
3) Sixteen hundred.

#1 = The number of posts now online on this blog.
#2 = The number of years represented.
#3 = Approximate number of printed pages represented.

— § —

That’s right, a full seventeen years of my personal blog, now for the first time all wrapped into one single WordPress database dating back to 1999.


– All previous Leapdragon entries.
– All Leapdragon § Academe entries.
– All entries from side project Defarge/Knit! from 2004 that were written by me.

Three raw HTML entries from the 694 of that period (1999-2004) were lost. I’m not sure which ones, but the parser I hacked up tonight to comb through them and toss the results into a CSV that I could import choked on three. I didn’t bother to find out which ones. That’s a 0.04% loss rate, which is acceptable to me on a project of this size that I want done now.

Also, about 3-4 of the Defarge/Knit! posts got truncated in mid post. That’s okay. They’re interspersed throughout the first half of 2004. Most of the Defarge/Knit! posts were about anger and drugs and life in the University of Chicago pressure cooker and so they’re incoherent and borderline insane. Which is fine, because that’s what Defarge/Knit! was about. So it’s not like you can tell anyway.

And of course, the farther back you go, the looser consistency and style get. I’m integrating platforms that had no graphics styling with some that did, at various image sizes. Some with titles, some without. Some with timestamps, some without.

— § —

In fact, there is a certain amount of risk to all of this. Over seventeen years, particularly at the beginning, there is much here that is:

– Naive
– Embarrassing
– Vile
– Profane
– etc.

But it is all me and who I have been. And it is time to own it and put my name on it because without realizing it, this is one of the four biggest things I’ve ever done, the other three being:

– Marriage and kids
– Ph.D.
– My oeuvre of books

So to deny it would be tremendously uneconomical. Plus, I’m tired of hiding from myself and who I was last year with each new year that appears.

— § —

Next step: Slide this all back over to Leapdragon.net where it belongs, and redirect from aa-hsiao.net/leapdragon-2014, after some updates to the theme.

Also, one bug: Some of the merged data was created without timestamps because my code (in the pre-CMS days) didn’t bother to ask for timestamps, only datestamps. Those currently show as midnight posts. I need to write some code that looks for the precise 00:00:00 timestamp and, if present, instead shows “unknown time” or something similar for the timestamp.

But that can be done later. I just need to remember. Which is why I’m mentioning it here.

— § —

Yes, I am aware that it is well after 3:00 in the morning.

That’s okay when you have wild piles of blog stuff to do.

I feel good.

And now—now I can go to bed.

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