Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Well, here we go.  §

Moved the entire superstructure across to a new database on the old domain.

Implemented some redirect rules to point old URLs here. One thing I forgot is that many of the old CMS installations were hanging off of year subdirectories on this domain (/2010 and so on). Oh well, those will just have to go. It’s time to move on. Consolidate. Be reborn.

— § —

I’m a bit nervous. Hope it all hangs together…

— § —

Next tasks:

– Styling niggles, esp. for commenting, e.g. width of FB plugin, adding comment links to archive pages
– Image styling stuff, maybe even with timthumb for featured image or something, who knows
– Implement some responsive CSS for mobile
– Get the OG:Meta stuff implemented and right, then adding share buttons
– Build persona and pages around the blog stuff

When these are done, I will declare Leapdragon.net reborn after all these years, and will re-share to Facebook.

I haven’t decided what to do with aa-hsiao.net yet. For the moment, I’ll let it continue to house my online business card and not much else. I’ve been using it for email, so I hate to wind hosting down there entirely, but maybe I’ll scale it back.

It all seems rather nerve-racking, but also good. Changes were a long time coming.

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