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Why Sanders.  §

I got asked why I’m supporting Sanders. Here’s why.

1) Sanders is to the left of Clinton and I’m to the left of them both.

2) If Clinton wins, then by the end of her first year I’ll have spent the majority of my entire life under the governance of just two wealthy nuclear (not extended) families. If I’m to believe in American democracy at all, much less someday try to defend it to my kids, that can’t happen. I’ve already spent exactly half of my entire life being governed by just these two families. And it’s already too much.

It really is as simple as these two points. I could go issue by issue, but the result would be the same.

To put it another way, Sanders is too far right for me on:

– Guns

While Clinton is too far right for me on:

– Pretty much every issue of importance, from finance to defense to healthcare to diplomacy

I think Clinton acquitted herself well as Secretary of State. And I hold her in reasonably high regard as an individual. It’s just that her policy positions are too centrist for me. Hell, Obama is too centrist for me and Clinton’s significantly to his right.

So that’s that.

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