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I’ve always been uncomfortable with single issue activism. After decades of watching activist culture play out, it seems as though it merely entrenches both sides of an issue. Open combat and a complete end to dialogue; moral absolutes and the justifications of victimhood rather than actual solutions to problems.

At a deeper level, I also can’t help but feel as though there’s something adolescent about it—as though, as an end result, we have come to live in a society largely devoid of grown-ups capable of thinking deeply about problems or understanding diverse points of view. Instead, the politics of self-absorption, of “my” rights and “my” problems reigns supreme.

I feel that a lot looking at candidates this election. Precious little acknowledgment of the human dignity and legitimacy of different ways of living or points of view, much less of the need to respect, acknowledge, and accept these—and the significant difficulty for all that this involves—if the collective is to thrive. Indeed, precious little acknowledgment of a diverse collective at all. Each view seems to verbally enact the collective merely as an issue-directed aggregate of like-minded selves in pursuit of particular goals.

It’s a kind of instrumentalism with what seems to me to be a childish naiveté about the nature of being woven throughout. You can always get what you want if only you fight hard enough for it and get others onto your team to do the same. The question is one of applied moral, physical, and political force, with no acknowledgment that it may be that nobody ever gets everything that they want, no matter how much force can be applied.

Maybe I’m just getting older and starting to feel protective of my lawn, so to speak.

— § —

– I have transitioned entirely to using prime lenses, which surprises me
– From a distance, the academic world can look like a circus
– But so do the criticisms of it
– Society as a collection of warring circuses
– I’ve always liked Old Spice but not always used it
– The Galaxy Tab S 8.4 is easily the best tablet yet made
– In general, both more stuff and more space mean more work
– I am not looking forward to mowing the lawn at all
– My universe is the smallest it’s been in decades
– Mechanical automatic watches are seductive things
– There are multiple phone calls today that I’m not eager to make
– Diamond polishing paste works very slowly on glass
– I am frustrated beyond measure with my current career status

— § —

It’s been six years since I last used Linux as my main, day-to-day creative computing platform, after seventeen years using Linux and an entire career (that seems aeons ago) as a Linux expert, author, and contributor.

I do now use Linux constantly (as Android) on my mobile devices. In the end, the “OS wars” became entirely moot as personal computing turned into a universe of client/server (mobile/cloud) interactions. I made the transition implicitly in 2010 after getting my first iPhone about a year before that. Somehow I knew that the writing was on the wall right away, and off to Mac OS I went.

— § —

– I am going gray
– Everything in life is destined to become bittersweet one day
– Making music, even if bad music, makes a person feel better
– I need to service my aquarium rather badly

— § —

“Taking a new step, uttering a new word, is what people fear most.”

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