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Toward a better laptop.  §

I’m not a fan of desktops. I’m really not. This despite the fact that my current desktop has a RAID with a huge pile of online storage, multiple monitors, DLT for archival storage, and massive amounts of RAM.

I’d rather be using a laptop for everything. All I need is:

– A 19″ QHD display
– Four internal drive bays
– At least 64GB RAM capacity
– Six Intel cores running at >3.5 Ghz
– 10 hours battery life
– Very high rigidity and stability
– Thickness less than 0.7 inches
– Weight less than four pounds
– eSATA, gigabit ethernet, and USB 3.0
– Native MacOS or a really easy hackintosh process

Well a guy can dream, can’t he?

Super thin, super light, super rigid, super battery life, super expandable, super display. That’s all. I’d buy it in a second if it was possible to make it. Somehow I suspect there’s no mobile chipset support for the memory and clock speed needs, and of course without a mobile chipset you’re not going to get the battery right, at least not without violating weight limits.

The display could be an issue for mobile, too.

Right now for mobility I use a last-gen pre-retina 17″ Macbook Pro with the optical bay converted to hold an SSD. RAM is maxed. It’s close, but not really close enough, to enable me to abandon my desktop.

Seems like I and about a million others have made this pie-in-the-sky post before.

I’d say that I hope Apple at least brings the 17″ Macbook Pro back, but there’s no point for me without the ability to hold at least two 2.5″ drives that I can upgrade on an as-needed (read: as-incremental-improvements-are-released) basis.

I have no idea what I’ll do when my current unit dies or becomes obsolete. Ugh.

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