Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Long entries and long nights.  §

All of these long and wordy entries lately, and yet in the end it’s really all the same nonsense that it always was before. Why? Why do I do this? What is the benefit? And yet I am positive that there must be one or I wouldn’t have kept it up all these years.

— § —

“Hell is other people.”

And yet, heaven is, too.

I think that has always been the crux of things. In an existence caught between heaven and hell, some of us just want to be “heard” in a way that implicates neither. That way is, in fact, to post on my blog.”

— § —

Laying in bed feeling exhausted but unable (unwilling?) to sleep.

All of these people that don’t blog or that say it’s an inappropriate thing to do… They are the people that lie to themselves so regularly that they no longer recognize the
lies as such.

— § —

Given my nickel allergy, I’ve long been in the habit of taking my wristwatch off every night before I go to sleep. And there it is now, on her nightstand.

Only tonight I feel the compelling impulse to put it back on and to wear it as I sleep. So I will.

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