Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Things.  §

– Things can be right without their being easy
– Contradictory facts can in fact both be true
– Just because one day is bad doesn’t mean the next one will be
– That a decision is yours doesn’t mean it isn’t also someone else’s
– Making choices is not the same as controlling (or even knowing) outcomes
– Twenty-four hours is a much longer time than a single day
– Watching the time and taking the time are separate things
– Space cannot be eliminated; only filled—and not all of it
– Light and truth share the same quadratic falloff function
– You can want to share with someone without it being about them
– Little boys dream about forces and their environments
– Patience is another word for respiration
– Inside every child is an adult; inside every adult is a child
– The proof of Fermat’s Last Theorem says nothing about the Riemann Hypothesis
– Heat or light, it’s all radiation
– Hope for the Riemann Hypothesis lives because Fermat’s Last Theorem was proven
– Children and adults are not the same inside
– Respiration is the most critical property of patients
– Environments force little boys’ dreams
– You can want to be with someone even while you can’t share with them
– Quadratic falloff functions impart the evidentiary properties of light
– Not all forms of elimination create space
– Separating time from watches is a good way to take it
– Every day the world is reborn in twenty-four hours
– Controlling (and knowing) outcomes is a sound way to eliminate choices
– That a decision was someone else’s doesn’t mean it wasn’t also yours
– Believing that tomorrow will be bad makes today so
– Deep truths are the hidden forces that fabricate facts
– Things can be easy without their being right

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