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I just read a Washington Post article on how Jeb Bush’s campaign is picking up after a few weeks of looking as though it was a cadaver. It’s not by any means a winning proposition yet, but the fact is that it is still alive.

Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, remains the prohibitive favorite on the Democratic side of the aisle, though she’s slipped a bit in recent days. Still, the race to the nomination remains hers to lose.

And so it is that tonight for a moment I found myself realizing that it remains within the realm of possibility—not likelihood perhaps, but certainly possibility—that we will have a Bush vs. Clinton general election.


And that thought is so thoroughly disgusting and intolerable to me that I almost can’t continue breathing. If that happens, the U.S. deserves to be fired—absolutely fired—from its role as a mover on the world stage.

Fuck that shit. Ugh.

— § —

Meanwhile, I’ve realized that this is my first post in a couple of days. A bit of a dark gap had spread across the landing page of Leapdragon.net.


There was no way I could maintain the pace I’d been keeping there for a while and still have any time left for things like wife, kids, job, pets, or self.

From time to time, I seem to have these explosions of typing that overtake life and blog. But I’m always also glad when I notice that they’ve come to an end, because there’s something vaguely unhealthy about them.

They can make you wonder about canary-in-coal-mine kinds of phenomena and indicators.

— § —

Chinese New Year is now behind us once again.

On a whim earlier in the day, I suddenly drove with the kids to the Chinese food store for (from their perspective) honedew melon ice cream and for (from my perspective) little red envelopes.

I’ve now done my cultural duty as a parent for the first time ever. It was sort of fun, in a weird I’ve-become-my-grandfather sort of way.

— § —

One of the things I’m still waiting for in life is for someone to start making WR 3 ATM G-Shock tablets and phones with sapphire displays and so on.

I know it’s technically supremely difficult to do, but I remain hopeful that before too long someone will. I’ll be all over it when that happens. I’ll pay a premium quite happily.

Electronics are getting to the point where we don’t need additional capability so much as we need improved durability.

Give us a really reliable five years out of each device, like you get out of a car or a household appliance, and you can charge at least two to three times as much.

— § —

At first I was not sold on the idea of Citizen’s Eco-Drive watch movements in comparison to a good, old-fashioned 21+ jewel automatic, but they’re growing on me.

Even with the non-sweeping second hand and the idea that inside there’s basically another consumer electronics device lurking to quantize more of life.

— § —

Tomorrow, sadly, is a workday.

Somehow, right now, I’m really, really feeling as though I wish it were a free day. I want to take the kids and just go play somewhere. Shoot the breeze. Burn a day.

Because sometimes the best way to make sure that a day isn’t wasted is to… waste a day.

— § —

Sometimes you make a post just to hear yourself think. Yes, it’s true, oh, the vapors, the they’re-all-narcissists-on-that-internet-thing vapors!

But QED.

And also note that I didn’t post it (or anything today, or even recently) on Facebook.

Because Facebook and Twitter and social media in general are increasingly a drag.

“The thrill is gone, baby…”

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