Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Ideology.  §

Branding is the opposite of creativity.

Branding is a way of obscuring the details and abstractions that underlie the operation of everyday reality.

It is a way of hiding mundane, intelligible, repetitive practice beyond a veneer of magic.

The incredible dominance of branding, and the fact that the industries dedicated to it are amongst our largest and most powerful, mean that for most people in most things, the repetitive and otherwise wholly intelligible details of life are hidden behind an impenetrable wall of ignorance.

See the details of constitution, assembly, and operation in all things, and all of reality is yours to play with. This is the primordial resource of creativity.

Live in a world of brands, and you have nothing to play with—no raw material from which to create in the first place.

Stupidity and ignorance don’t come from poor education so much as they do from sound marketing. The stupid and the ignorant are the people that have become attached to, and that memorize rote, the products and brands that they are meant to buy or to aspire to buy, and that understand every aspect of every day life, from feelings to physics, in unit terms of brands and products, which are nothing but brands by another name.

This has implications and effects in every area of life, from the management of your own body to the gathering of tools for productivity.

Branding is, quite simply, effective thought and behavior control.

No, this is not my insight. In fact, it was never a “discovery.” Instead, it is a conspiracy. It’s not that branding is a natural phenomenon that has to be decoded and analyzed.

It is, in fact, that branding was invented precisely in order to control minds toward economic ends. Branding was conceived from the beginning as a tool of mind control.

It’s just that now we’re so far from the first half of the twentieth century that people have forgotten their history.

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