Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

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Sarcasm, namecalling, and pointed dismissiveness are ugly. So far as I am concerned, people that use them automatically lose the argument and the moral high ground, case closed.

Social justice warriors are failed activists and in many cases failed people.

Fathers have equal rights as mothers when it comes to parenting. Equal. Period. To say anything else is sexist. I am not backing down from that, ever. Hurl your worst insult and hate me until the end of time.

This election season, much of the coverage is about the demise of the Republican party as we know it. It is also seeing the demise of the Democratic party as we know it, though people can’t quite detect this yet and it isn’t getting covered.

Cars are a huge, huge pain in the ass.

Most people spend most of their lives working on things that they mostly don’t care about and mostly regretting it, mostly without having any idea how to escape this rather shitty problem.

The fact is that that’s because there is actually no escape.

Haters gonna hate. People disagree, it’s a fact. These days, people hate each other for disagreeing, because everyone is a baby-SJW and sees the entire universe in moral terms.

Maybe I do, too.

Society is the social disease.

Hell is other people. (I can’t take credit for that one.)

I have been pessimistic and full of vinegar much of the day. But these things are not said lightly. I’m not just tossing shit. I believe them.

I believe a lot of things that have pissed a lot of people off that I wish I hadn’t pissed off over the years. And yet what can you do? If you believe them, you believe them. You can lie and say you don’t, but then you’re just not being honest with people and you don’t have much of a relationship anyway.

It’s hard to maintain relationships.

It’s hard to do most anything worthwhile in life.

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