Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Occam & co.  §

Presenting as a quorum of the not-nearly-certain society, they proceeded to prevaricate until dinner was old before diving in to eat ravenously, only to fall ill hours later due to food poisoning.

— § —

I am exhausted.

— § —

“…they spend their entire lives on a valiant quest for justice—which, much to their continued devastation, nobody is able to deliver to them.”

— § —

When I was small, the word “atomic” was an incantation, a way of summoning demons and casting the thoriated tungsten spells of a technology-torn future.

Now “atomic” is like “vintage,” all about furry caps worn by old men and cumbersome “technologies” that read more like heavily engineered cafeteria appliances.

— § —

The difference between genius and idiocy lies entirely in the audience. The speaker has little to do with it, sadly or not.

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