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Clear out the dust.  §

Boring technical post.

I had a couple of hard lockups on my main machine over the last 48 hours. I looked at my temps (in a water cooled case) and found them to be running around 60 degrees celsius at CPU die during idle.

I realized I hadn’t opened my case and blown the dust out since October.

Just did it, and raised a cloud of dust that filled half the house for about ten minutes.

What are idle temps now? 30-32 degrees celsius. That’s a 30-degrees-celsius drop just from half a minute with canned air and the side of the case off. Way, way back in the day people used to talk about dust a lot in relation to computing, but that talk sort of evaporated in the ’90s.

I just got reminded that dust actually remains sort of a BFD. It can put a severe kink in your workday and seriously shorten the life of your tech, even in the 2010’s.

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