Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Dreams and reality.  §

It’s not until you’re older—and you have the deep relationships, loves, sadnesses, and anxieties that come with spouses and children of your own—that dreams begin to take on a haunting, lyrical quantity.

You know these people well enough, and have seen enough of life, that your mind is able to paint images of places and sequences that could really—or you might even find yourself thinking ought really—have happened, complete with the things that your loved ones would have said, had they been there.

Dreams can begin to feel less like fabrications or imaginations and more like that which has really happened in some other, better place, in some truer reality, in a world in which everyone and everything are what they should have been or essentially, beneath all the complexity, really are.

Once you become an adult, dreams can move you not just for a few hours here and there, but in some cases for the rest of your life.

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