Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Redux.  §

I don’t know where all of this leads. I am posting a great deal, and it is vexingly abstract, and also some posts are in contradiction with others. I am in the midst of intellectual and philosophical upheaval.

What is clear to me is that I have been wrong, for a long time. Many things may or may not be wrapped up in my wrongness:

– Liberalism
– Atheism
– Spiritualism
– Epistemology
– Ontology
– Ways of understanding others
– Ways of understanding self
– Understanding of life

I am not sure yet where I will fall. It will have to be a period of thought and investigation. But there is no point in denying it; if everything you have been has led to where you are, and you are in no way satisfied with where you are, then it is time to question everything you have been.

Will I come out the other end a conservative evangelical? I seriously doubt it. But I do now admit to myself and others a great many things that I do not like and have not liked about the dominant culture, but never wanted to openly question.

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