Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

The paradox.  §

So many these days want to canonize two contradictory values:

(1) Selves have the right to do as they want.
(2) Selves have the right to feel safe.

These two things do not go together. You cannot marry social Darwinism to full totalitarian supervision and expect a sensible result. Everyone has known since forever that liberty and security must be balanced. You can not say, “We demand unlimited portions of both!” and expect anything but silliness.

Mostly people in the West have squared the circle, secretly, by qualifying these things according to identity. Some people have the right to do what they and, and some people (usually the same ones) have the right to feel safe.

The problem underbelly of this method for solving the problem is that the equation must still be balanced. There is another camp that is thus left out, and those in the other camp (cannot do what they want, are not guaranteed feelings of safety) are not likely to remain on the ship for long. This arrangement creates the seeds of internecine warfare, which we are seeing across society right now.

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