Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Things.  §

1. Forty is both not too old to start something new and also so old as to be entirely a has-been.

2. The Left is generally wrong. The Right is also generally wrong. And there is no center.

3. The secular humanists believe that they have rejected God and elevated the human. The religious believe that they have rejected the secular humanists and elevated God. Both have rejected both God and human and are not in the process of elevating anything.

4. Use it or lose it. This is one of the most important maxims of all.

5. Entropy is a profound truth, but it can be countered so long as there is energy from outside any circumscribed system to draw on. That is to say, in other terms, that you can get stuff done, but it will cost you, somewhere in your life.

6. No matter how much I have or could have built in my life by now, at the present moment, I’d be starting over. Some people simply have to do that in life.

7. One of the benefits—but also the risks—of starting over is that you have a chance to test your courage once again, and to see whether you can stand courageously this time around in all of the places where you didn’t the last time around.

8. No pain, no gain. This is another important maxim.

9. Place matters. It may even be the single most important factor in a human life, after genetics, personality, and basic health.

10. In the end, there aren’t really so many things. We multiply them and allow them to multiply so as not to have to confront the basics.

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