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The problem with the culture.  §

Take a look at this article, and at the comments.

This is the basic problem with the culture. A woman publicly expresses that she is happily married, has children, and loves them, along with her career.

The result, from well-educated professionals? Disgust. Irritation. The notion that she ought to be ashamed of herself for being married, a parent, and happy as she writes about her career. Because these things are oh-so heteronormative and sexist. And she’s white, just to ice the cake. Oh, the horrors!

I’ll take an incredibly controversial stand here (and to me it is incredible that it’s incredibly controversial).

It is not shameful to be straight.
It is not shameful to be married.
It is not shameful to be a parent.
It is not shameful to be happy in these things.

And, they are neither rare or impossible. They are not lies told to the young in order to prepare them for a lifetime of oppression by patriarchy. They are things people do. A lot of people. By choice. People who have nothing the be ashamed of, and who in fact ought to be rather proud.

I know, I know. What a horrible person am I!

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