Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Against the many walls.  §

© 2002 Aron Hsiao / All Rights Reserved

The photographs, they are beautiful. They are beautiful because they capture the incredible beauty of materiality but compress it by a full dimension, rendering it perceptible in entirely new ways. If reality is gorgeous, then two realities—for surely that’s what photographs offer us—are together twice as gorgeous.

— § —

Feelings are funny things; they come and go, they answer only halfway to their agents, their other halves being a form of wild magic. Most importantly they are fickle as hell, often passionately contradicting themselves from moment to moment.

— § —

Bourbon is a gift from God, good bourbon doubly so. That is the way of things.

— § —

The good things in life aren’t complicated in the least, yet very few people understand or embrace them any longer. Hint: if it can be politicized, it is not one of the good things. The habit of mistaking the politically settled or the politicizable for the good—a cardinal sin of our age—leads only to a disguised form of suffering.

— § —

Driving on long, winding, narrow roads with windows down and sunroof open is, like photography, a way of capturing the incredible beauty of materiality in new ways by compressing it so as to be rendered differently to perception. In short, it’s a damned good time, and an edifying one, at that.

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