Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Daughter wisdom on “life.”  §

Things that were said today by a five-year-old:

“The story of life goes like this. First there were the tiny things. Then they went into the oceans and grew. Then they came out and became the dinosaurs. Then the mammoths, then the cavemen, and then the Indians. And then us. Now here we are.”

Not a bad retelling, actually.

Also, this exchange, about twenty minutes later.

Me— “Let’s see if it’s really a sale or just a marketing tactic.”

DD— “What’s a marketing tactic?”

Me— “That’s when people tell lies to get you to give them more money.”

DD— “That sounds like the story of life, too.”

Once upon a time, I’d have posted stuff like this on Facebook. But I am so Facebook-averse right now I can barely force myself to log on once a week.

That’s the story of life as well.

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