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Living.  §

Every now and then, TED comes up with a gem. Here’s one:

This sounds to me like the story of my life. I suspect that it sounds to most people like the story of their lives.

It is both reassuring and inspiring. I like that.

— § —

Now before anyone gets all excited about the fact that I’ve used up so many words lately complaining about identity in politics and now I’m posting a video all about identity and embracing it, here’s the difference:

One is about living one’s own life.
The other is about shared governance of a shared life.

The decisions must be made in different ways. To confuse democratic governance with identity on the second point is to destroy individuality on the first point.

Individual agency only exists when individual identity is not a governing principle.

— § —

I’m still not writing as much as I want to. What I need is a book deal. Historically, the only way I actually manage to write is when I have an editor breathing down my neck about deadlines.

Every book I wrote was produced under deadline pressure in marathon situations.

I know that this may not sound ideal. I’m not sure, however, that I can fight it. The same principle applies to nearly everything that I do. Inspired work comes only under pressure.

When I try to work early, or without pressure?

First, procrastination.
Second, a poor performance when I do—even though I expend every bit as much energy (and perhaps more).

For me, at least, the deadline makes the man.

— § —

In light of recent events, I am returning to the question that used to occupy much of my time as a teenager. Who am I?

It may seem silly to ask this at forty with an established career, history, and track record. But surely I’m not the only one that has ever looked at his or her life and thought, “But this isn’t actually me. This is what I am doing while I wait for an opening.”

The trick is to learn how to make the opening. Sooner rather than later.

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