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Third party things.  §

Just saw one of the greatest comments ever, posted at the Wall Street Journal by one Charles Aulbach (don’t know if that’s a real name or not). I know nothing about the person. I don’t even know if this was published somewhere else first, or any original sources that may exist for particular turns of phrase. But as a group it’s a damned fine collection. Here goes:

  • You cannot change history by hiding it.
  • The more positive you are that you are right, the more likely it is that you are wrong.
  • The wise man celebrates his mistakes as much as his successes. That’s why we erect statues and monuments. They are memorials to both.
  • If you can’t face the past clearly and objectively, it will crush you.
  • The randomness of individual activity is the source of humanity’s achievements.
  • Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is self-destruction. Learn everything that you can.
  • Groupthink isn’t thinking. It’s going along to get along. It produces low-level mediocrity.
  • Do-gooders eventually become you-do-as-I-sayers.
  • Shut up and listen, or leave.

I love this list.

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