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Kids, honesty, freedom, moments, and jams.  §

School starts on Monday.

My daughter, my first child, my little girl, is going to “big kid school,” starting kindergarten.

Sure, she’s been in pre-school for three years already, but this is different. This is every day of the week. Hours every day, every day of the week. And in a big class in a big building with kids of every age. And several miles from home.

At the same time, I know she’s ready. We went to the school pre-year picnic tonight and as I watched her run around with the other kids, it was abundantly clear: she’s a big kid, and it’s time for her to have more autonomy. It’s a good thing.

In a way it’s strange, but I’m quite proud of her. She is a force of nature, a being unto herself. She is great. And she’s going to do very well.

— § —

I think that at the end of the day, I’m a person who’s either naturally single or who has very, very specific needs in a significant other.

First and foremost is the freedom to be, think, say, and feel honestly and without guilt, regret, or worry—without having to grit my teeth or to hold back or to try too hard.

— § —

© Aron Hsiao / 2009

What do I want out of the coming year? What do I want out of life?

Chris said it once on Northern Exposure. A great phrase.

All I want are “pure moments.” As many of them as I can string together. Other stuff is just…stuff.

— § —

Pure moment, today’s example.

We were at daughter’s school, waiting for her to be asked in for her pre-year ten-minute interview with her teacher to assess her academic readiness.

I, daughter, and son were sitting on tiny chairs at a round, wooden table. Somehow and at length, after discussing music instruments, I offered to “draw” us all some imaginary instruments with my fingertip if we could have a jam.

I “drew” a piano on the tabletop, invisibly outlining a keyboard. I “drew” a guitar in the air in front of my daughter, and I “drew” myself a bass.

And then, by god, we did jam. We jammed for a full five minutes, and it was fucking savage, right there in the hallway next to kindergarten and first grade.

Those are the moments for which life was invented.

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