Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Hell in a handbasket and Facebook nation.  §


Just no.

Why don’t I get out more? Why don’t I date? Why don’t I socialize?

Because I look around me and all I see are high school students reveling in their own immaturity. Posting on Facebook about getting drunk, having pride about cutting corners at work to go home early, aw-shucksing their shortcomings, flaunting their bad decisions and acting as though they are admirable qualities.

And then they go into the eco-LGBT-tolerance-identity virtue signalling and talk about thier hobbies (invariably something off-the-wall and pointless).

No, I don’t get out because I am the stodgy old man who belongs in another time in which people recognized their failings, were embarrassed by them, held on to social normativity, kept their private lives private, aspired to serious things, and didn’t parade their virtues (whether real or supposed) in front of others looking for validation. In fact, people minimized them out of modesty and restratint.

I’ll start connecting with people just as soon as I find some people to connect with that don’t lead me to feel embarrassed on their behalves.

Basically—in twenty years when I leave Utah for some other locale with a population of actual grown-ups.

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